You can join a union at your workplace

UFCW 1518 is British Columbia's largest private sector union and one of the largest BC unions.

Forming a union means employees sticking together as a group so we can speak with a more powerful voice.

In order for workers to be heard, it’s often necessary for us to join together so companies take us seriously.

By uniting in a union, workers gain a seat at the table to negotiate with our employers on issues like pay rates, healthcare coverage, retirement benefits, and other matters related to our jobs.

Together, we stand up to make sure workers share in the success we help create.

If you want fairness and respect then join a union

Workers deserve a say in their day-to-day work life. After all, without workers companies would have no profits. To have a say in your work life while being protected from unjust discipline and termination is something that only a union can provide.

Unions offer workers a solution: A strong, unified voice working together for a common goal.

There is respect and dignity in negotiating together for better working conditions, and a great deal of protection in having those conditions in a written, legally binding contract.

Join a union for a voice at work

UFCW Local 1518 is proud to represent workers across many industries including: retail grocery and drugstores, industrial warehouses, packaging plants, production facilities, distribution warehouses, the hospitality industry, and health care workers at community care providers, nursing homes and retirement care homes.