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Since Sobeys bought Safeway, it’s been a disaster!

Sobeys’ chronic mismanagement has caused empty shelves, understaffing, poor quality products and long line ups, all of which have alienated customers and caused dramatic market share losses. Help us save this beloved BC grocery store and important member of the community. Get informed and help us tell management to SAVE OUR SAFEWAY!


Are you a loyal Safeway shopper concerned about what’s happened to Safeway since Sobeys took over? Is your Safeway an important part of your family and community? Tell Sobeys in a letter to your local newspaper here.


A chronology of Sobeys’ mismanagement of a once-great BC grocery store and our efforts to save it.

Safeway Shoppers Speak


Occasionally we talk to the media. And they listen.


Some letters exchanged with Sobeys.

Grievance & Arbitration Awards

We take Sobeys to the Labour Board when they violate the collective agreement.

  • Arbitrator Irene Holden issued an award that gave part-time Grid A members 24 hours of accumulated time off (ATO), worth an estimated $31,000, after Sobeys repeatedly failed to post full-time positions.
  • We won more than $300,000 in vacation pay owed our lower paid members: Sobeys Grid B Vacation Pay Entitlement Award (Sobeys applied for a stay so they would not have to pay out the monies owed while they appealed the decision. Here’s our response. Sobeys lost that application and their appeal.)
  • We got Sobeys to properly post job postings so our members could apply for full time jobs: Sobeys Job Posting Grievance
  • Sobeys bumped our members out of seniority when two Safeway locations closed for redevelopment, causing massive upheaval in people’s lives. We got them to fix their mistake: Sobeys Store Closure Grievance

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