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Since Sobeys took over Safeway, it’s been a disaster!

Sobeys messed with the supply chain, causing empty shelves and hurting sales. They cut staff hours, leading to subpar service and long lineups. [source] All of this undermined the quality shopping experience customers had come to expect from Safeway, driving them to shop elsewhere and vaporizing half of Safeway’s value. [source]

Recently, Sobeys announced they will close 10 Safeway locations across the lower mainland. While some of these stores were not performing well due to chronic mismanagement, others are in good shape financially. It seems like Sobeys wants to use the store closures to pressure their employees into accepting lower wages and benefits at the bargaining table.

Many Safeway workers already live below the poverty line. Many of them work multiple jobs. Many can’t afford to buy their groceries at Safeway. And they can’t afford to work for less.

Sobeys said it *might* re-open five of the 10 Safeway locations as FreshCo, the company’s discount banner from Ontario but only if it receives a “discount collective agreement.” We don’t think this is fair. We don’t believe in poverty concessions for workers while shareholders receive dividends and Sobeys continues to be one of Canada’s richest families.

If you are a member of the public who shops at Safeway, including friends and family of our hard-working members at Safeway, lease write a letter to the editor if you believe:

  • Your Safeway is an important part of your community
  • You want quality *not discount* service & products
  • Sobeys shouldn’t be a poverty employer
  • Safeway workers deserve fair working conditions & a living wage
  • Or any other reason you have for wanting to save Safeway!

Here is an example of an excellent letter to the editor that went viral on social media.

**If you are a member of UFCW 1518 working at Safeway, at this time we ask that you do not write a letter to the editor, as we want the public and Sobeys to hear from loyal customers impacted by Sobeys’ decisions. Not to worry, there will be lots of other opportunities in which we will be asking you to make your views known.**