Together We Are UFCW 1518

Every year thousands of British Columbians join a union at their workplace with UFCW 1518 to achieve job security, fairness and a voice at work.

Workers have joined UFCW 1518 in a variety of industries from retail to warehousing, from healthcare to industrial food processing making our union BC’s largest private sector union.

We are a trusted voice 

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UFCW 1518 is trusted by over 20,000 British Columbians who we have helped to achieve job security, fairness and respect in their workplace.

We are driven by our values and act with honesty and integrity in everything we do. 

This committment to integrity and honesty is why we are BC’s largest private sector union.

We are here to support you

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Becoming a member of UFCW 1518 means that you always have someone on your side. We believe in empowerment and supporting each other.

When you join UFCW 1518 you will have professional union representatives, legal council, health and safety experts and 20,000 members standing behind you.

We are an effective voice for change

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With UFCW 1518 in your workplace you have an effective vechicle to solve workplace problems

Based on the values of respect, dignity and fairness, we are committed to building better workplaces, better communities and better lives.

This commitment underpins everything we do as an organization.

If you have a problem at work or a question about what you are entitled to your shop steward is there for you.

A shop steward is one of your coworkers who acts as the face of the union in supporting their coworkers.

You can also call us at 1-800-661-3708 or find answers to many questions at

You are the Union!

UFCW 1518 is member led, member run and member worked.

The leaders of our union are members who are elected by members and most of the work done at the workplace level is done by volunteer shop stewards and other members.

Like any other not-for-profit membership organization, our sole reason for existance is to support members of the organization.

  • Together, you and your coworkers make up the union in your workplace.
  • You elect your own bargaining committee to negotiate a contract
  • You submit your proposals for what should be in your contract
  • You vote on adopting your collective agreement 
  • You have the ability to elect shop stewards in your workplace
  • You elect the officers such as President, Secretary Treasurer and Vice Presidents 

A union is a simple idea that we are better off when we work together.

UFCW 1518 Members Do Better!

Those who have joined UFCW 1518 continue to win increased wages, secure good benefits and improve their working conditions. Compare for yourself:

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Our Core Values

We behave with integrity in everything we do and say. We act in an open, ethical, truthful and forthright manner.

We treat all people with dignity and consideration.

Duty and Responsiveness:
We carry out our duties with a high level of engagement, focus and accountability.

Loyalty and Honour:
We encourage and support one another and stand together as an organization.