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A message from the President: We will fight Sobeys
Like you, yesterday I woke up to learn of the bombshell news dropped by Sobeys. With no advance notice to the union, Sobeys announced that it would begin an aggressive introduction of its Eastern Canadian FreshCo banner into Western Canada. Sobeys suggested that it would be converting many of its Safeway stores to the FreshCo banner. Those stores would be operated as franchisees. It also stated that it would ...read more 
UFCW 1518 wins against Sobeys at the LRB – again
The BC Labour Relations Board has ruled that Sobeys must pay about $300,000 in vacation entitlements to more than 500 UFCW 1518 members, confirming the union’s interpretation of the collective agreement was correct. Previously, Grid B employees working at Safeway received vacation pay according to the Employment Standards Act. But in the last round of collective bargaining, the union negotiated superior language that substantially increased the vacation pay these ...read more 
Sobeys goes to Labour Board instead of working with members
Flying in the face of UFCW 1518’s extensive efforts to prepare for the reopening of the collective agreement, including conducting its biggest ever bargaining outreach campaign, Sobeys has claimed that UFCW 1518 is not negotiating in good faith. Only two weeks after the #MembersFirst bargaining conference in late November, where about 200 members, stewards, and activists hammered out priorities for the upcoming negotiations, Sobeys filed a complaint against UFCW ...read more 
Sobeys violates contract and loses at arbitration – twice
UFCW 1518 has won two recent arbitrations against Sobeys, signaling that the company must follow the collective agreement. Sobeys failed to respect the collective agreement when it improperly bumped members from the Safeway locations at Austin Road and Davie Street. These two stores are closed for redevelopment and Sobeys used an incorrect bumping method, leading to members with more seniority being dropped to part time status. Sobeys’ claimed that ...read more 
Workers at Donald’s Fine Foods join UFCW family!
About 85 workers at Donald’s Fine Foods voted to join UFCW 1518 this week, severing their association with the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC). CLAC is an anti-union organization that purports to be a union but undercuts industry-standard wages and working conditions that the labour movement has fought to improve. In British Columbia, CLAC has helped employers circumvent the Employment Standards Act by “negotiating collective agreement provisions that ...read more