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UFCW 1518 members win big in municipal election
Four UFCW 1518 members tossed their hat in the ring during the recent municipal election and came up winners. While they ran different campaigns and represent communities with unique challenges, they all share a similar motivation for running for election: a strong sense of civic duty. “My motivation for stepping forward was a wish to give back to my community,” explained Jennifer Hoar, a shop steward and cashier at ...read more 
Legalization of cannabis brings changes to workplace
The legalization of cannabis in Canada this month will necessarily have an impact on the workplace. Although it is new territory with many unknowns, there are important things UFCW 1518 members should know. Marijuana legalization does not mean members can consume marijuana  while working. Employers have policies relating to impairment while working, as they do now for alcohol and other legal substances, and these remain in effect. Even without ...read more 
Safeway Bargaining Update
Waiting is the name of the game in the ongoing Section 106 proceedings with Sobeys, owner of 60 Safeway stores across British Columbia. The union submitted its latest set of proposals to Special Officer Vince Ready two weeks ago, after which the employer had an opportunity to respond. Mr. Ready must then review all of the submissions and sometime following that he will render his decision. “I know how ...read more 
Vote YES to ProRep for better democracy!
Voters in BC have another very important decision to make on whether to reform our electoral system or whether to keep the old, broken system that we have. Ballots for the referendum have been mailed to homes across BC and are due to be returned, in the postage-paid envelope provided, by November 24. “It’s not often that we can help bring about real, positive change in our daily lives,” ...read more 
“Contract flipping” protections among recommendations to change Labour Code
Working people employed in low-paid, precarious jobs will benefit from changes proposed by the BC Labour Relations Code review panel. The labour code is the main legislation governing employment standards  in the province’s unionized workplaces. Labour Minister Harry Bains convened the independent panel of experts to recommend improvements to BC’s labour code, which had not been reviewed  since 2003. According to the government, the objective was to ensure BC’s ...read more