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Update Fall 2018

Fall 2018

In this issue: We get political! Read about the importance of the labour vote and why you should vote in the upcoming municipal elections. Learn about the VDLC’s candidate endorsements and meet their endorsement for Vancouver Mayor: Kennedy Stewart. Also, learn more about Pro Rep and why it matters.

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Featured Articles

Get Your Vote On! Why You Should Vote this October
Katrina Chen loves door knocking. At the doorstep of many Burnaby homes, the former UFCW member has been determined to find answers. “What’s the most pressing issue in your community?” Chen has often asked Burnaby residents. Their answers are many and varied: parks, street lighting, public education, community safety. Chatting with her neighbours, Chen hears a common, if unrecognized theme: the importance of local government. It reminds her …read more 

A Vote for Pro Rep is a Vote for Democracy
With low voter turnout for elections at every level of government plaguing modern democracy, many people wonder if they should bother voting at all. Does my vote even count? would-be voters wonder. Voter apathy and elections won with far less than a majority are just two of the reasons the BC NDP are holding a referendum on proportional representation, or “Pro Rep,” this fall. In 2017, the NDP and …read more