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Bargaining Updates
Mid-Island Co-op Members Win Significant Contract Improvements
Mid-Island Co-op workers in Nanaimo, British Columbia, just finished bargaining for a new collective agreement. They ratified the new contract with a 100% unanimous vote. The bargaining committee, made up of Stefanie Droog and recently retired Karen Becia, performed an outstanding job and worked tirelessly to ensure that members received the improvements and raises they deserve. Numerous changes were made to the new contract, including the following: 2.25% wage ...read more 
Workers at Avalon Dairy Win Major Contract Improvements
Ninety percent of voting workers at Avalon Dairy voted “yes” to a new contract that will bring major improvements to their workplace. Avalon Dairy workers became members of UFCW 1518 in March 2021 and began the process of negotiating their first collective agreement shortly after. With today’s “yes” vote, Avalon workers have won: Union representation, including a procedure for grievances so workplace problems can be resolved. New health & ...read more 
Hornby Island Co-Op Ratifies New Collective Agreement
Workers at the Hornby Island Co-Op recently completed negotiations for their new collective agreement. They ratified the new contract on July 22 in a 100% unanimous vote. The new contract will improve working conditions for workers at the Co-Op and includes: Significant wage increases for all members Increased night stocking and manager relief rate The first-ever Joint Labour Management Committee at the Co-Op Congratulations to all of the members ...read more 
Improved Vacation Allotment and Wage Increases for Workers at Cherry Park Retirement Residence
In Penticton, BC, 100% of the Cherry Park Retirement Residence workers voted in favour of ratifying their new agreement that includes improved vacation allotment and wage increases. Susan Sampson and Cindy Ferguson, who make up the Bargaining Committee, did a remarkable job ensuring that members get the improvements and increases they deserve. The new contract has several changes, which include: 1.     wage increases; 2.     an improved vacation allotment and ...read more 
Workers at Matchstick Coffee Fought for Respect and Won Major Improvements
Workers at Matchstick Coffee locations across Vancouver came together last year to demand respect, fairness, and better working conditions at the popular coffee chain. Since officially joining UFCW 1518 in November, they have been hard at work at the bargaining table fighting for critical workplace improvements. Their efforts came to fruition recently as they ratified a strong first collective agreement featuring many benefits for these baristas, bakers, and coffee ...read more