COVID-19: Advocacy

Protect workers: Mandatory masks in grocery and retail stores

Grocery and retail workers deserve protection.

Grocery and retail workers have done their part to keep our communities supplied and customers safe during the ongoing pandemic – now the Provincial Health Officer needs to step up efforts to protect these critical workers.

Many grocery stores and retail outlets currently require employees to wear a mask while they are at work. However, many of these businesses do not yet have a mandatory mask-wearing policy that applies to customers. This double standard endangers workers and is unfair. It prioritizes the safety of customers shopping at retail stores over that of workers, who spend most of their time in these spaces.

With cases of COVID-19 on the rise, we need the Provincial Health Officer to provide the public with a clear directive about mask-wearing – so everyone can be kept safe.

Our union is calling on the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, to mandate that shoppers wear masks while indoors. So we can protect grocery and retail workers and slow the spread of COVID-19 transmission.

These workers have stepped up for their communities. Now it is time that the Provincial Health Officer do what is necessary to keep them safe.

Join us in asking Dr. Bonnie Henry to make mask-wearing mandatory in grocery and retail locations. Send a letter to her office today using our letter writing tool. You can also help by sharing this campaign with your network. Thank you for supporting better protections for retail workers!