Fairness for Uber Drivers


Uber drivers deserve fairness

Wherever ride hailing has emerged around the world, drivers are exploited. They face unsafe working conditions, low wages and job insecurity.


Under the guise of technological innovation, Uber has relinquished any responsibility to its drivers, who as a direct result find themselves risking their health, safety and basic human dignity. Uber did this by declaring that it is an app and not an employer – and they’ve gotten away with it. Until now.


UFCW 1518 is fighting to make sure that drivers are classified as employees under the Employment Standards Act. This law provides the basic minimum labour standards and protections for non-unionized workers in BC. We are also fighting to ensure Uber drivers are protected by the Workers Compensation Act, and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, so that they receive the same basic labour protections as all workers in British Columbia.


It’s time for Uber to be better. And with your help, we can encourage the Passenger Transportation Board to see the importance of classifying ride hailing drivers as employees. Public support in the fight for fairness for Uber drivers can pressure Uber into being a better company to work for.

All employers should ensure health and safety on the job, fair pay and respect for their employees. And Uber is no different.