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Why Join UFCW 1518?

Matchstick workers deserve fairness and respect. Joining UFCW 1518 puts the power of a union with more than 24,000 members on your side, protecting your rights in the workplace. We will work together to create long-lasting improvements to your workplace, using collective bargaining to protect your rights and outline a process to ensure you and your coworkers are treated with respect and dignity. UFCW 1518 members work alongside with business owners to create positive changes, earn improved wages and benefits, job security, and a strong voice at work.


Here are answers to questions workers often have about joining a union:


Get the facts about joining a union

Union dues are expensive.
Union dues are no more than 2% of your wages and are 100% tax deductible. You also won’t pay a cent until your first collective agreement is voted in!

Across Canada, unionized employees earn better wages than non-unionized workers. The higher wages, benefits and improved working conditions are well-worth the small cost associated with participating.
I’ll lose the benefits I have now if we unionize.
The union will always fight to keep what you have and add whatever is important to you. Unionizing does not make you lose the benefits and perks you have now - rather you will be able to negotiate for more!
Unions will make our schedules less flexible.
Scheduling does not have to change if you don’t want it to. Having a union allows you to have a say at work. You are able to negotiate scheduling flexibility in a legally binding contract that will not change with new managers or ownership.
You won’t be able to speak directly to management without someone from the union stepping in.
This is not true. A union emphasizes the importance of a good management-worker relationship. The union will only step in when requested by a worker. Unions allow for workers to have a stronger voice and ensure their concerns are heard.
The union will go on strike.
Strikes are very rare, especially when negotiating your first contract.

You have control over strikes through a vote. For a strike to happen, 66% of your co-workers would have to vote in favour of going on strike.

In the highly unlikely event of a strike, the union will provide you with strike pay.
Management will know how I vote.
Your vote is 100% confidential. Your employer and the union will never find out how you voted.
Unions cannot guarantee job security.
Unions can guarantee you will not be fired without a just cause.
Unions protect lazy workers!
Unions protect all workers. Not a single union contract requires an employer to keep lazy or incompetent workers. What unions do is make sure the dismissals are for a just cause and ensure that proper and equal procedures are followed when disciplining or dismissing an employee.
The company will shut down if we unionize.
It is illegal to close a workplace because the employees decide to form a union. In reality, no successful business will shut down because the workers decided to unionize. This is a very common threat and in the very few cases it has happened, employers were already considering shutting down, long before there were talks about unionizing.
The company has learned their lesson, apologized, and will fix the issues.
Companies can promise to "change" or "do better" and offer quick fixes to long standing problems, but things often revert back to how they once were. In reality, without a legally binding contract, any improvements can be taken away.

Your Rights

The most important thing to know is that every British Columbian has the right to join a union.

The BC Labour Relations Code ensures you have the following legal rights:

  • You are free to decide to join or not join a union.
  • Your employer cannot fire you, suspend you, transfer you, lay you off, refuse to continue employing you or otherwise discriminate against you for being involved with the process of forming a union.
  • You are free to express your views on unionization without reprisal.


Any information you share with us is kept 100% confidential. Your employer will never know that you contacted our union.

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