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About UFCW 1518

At UFCW 1518, we believe that we are stronger together. We are a member-driven union that fights for fair wages and benefits, job security, and workplace safety and respect. We are the leading experts on workers’ rights in the retail and industrial food industries, and we leverage our experience and worker solidarity to negotiate strong contracts that make a positive impact for our members.

As an affiliate member of UFCW Canada and UFCW International, we are part of a movement 1.3 million members strong that represents workers in diverse units, from small businesses to large companies. We use our voice and the power of our membership to speak up on issues that impact our communities, advocating for a living wage, standing up against discrimination, and fighting for strong workplace protections.

Our Members Work At

Our objectives

Fair wages

Retail workers deserve fair pay for their hard work. We will help you negotiate higher pay and regularly scheduled raises.


Some of the benefits we fight for on behalf of our members include health and dental, paid breaks, safety shoe reimbursement, and more.

Job Security

You deserve a stable job so you can plan for the future. Union members cannot be fired without just cause and are protected by progressive discipline. We will also stand up for your seniority rights.


We can negotiate a regular schedule and postings several weeks in advance so you can plan ahead. We can also fight for adequate rest periods between shifts and to prevent consecutive closing and opening shifts.

Health & Safety

You need a safe work environment. Some of the safety measures we advocate for include mandatory masks in stores, guaranteed security at entrances, and crowd control measures.

Education & Training

All UFCW 1518 members have access to our Education Month training sessions and WebCampus portal. We offer many scholarships to members and their dependants. We can also negotiate for employer-paid training like first aid.




Have more questions about joining a union? Need support at work? Send us a message! Any information you share with us is kept 100% confidential.