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Sobeys is one of the largest big-box chains in Canada. In 2023, its BC-based employees at Safeway stores and FreshCo pharmacies—members of UFCW 1518—have entered negotiations with the grocer to renew their contract. 

Together, these workers are fighting to improve their wages and working conditions. They want to make grocery jobs more fulfilling, live affordably in their communities, and win respect for retail workers. 

Our Priorities

These bargaining priorities are based on the feedback, experiences, and insights of frontline Sobeys workers gathered through surveys, focus groups, and conversations

Fair and Equitable Wages

We won’t beat around the bush—we’re seeking the wage increases all Sobeys members need

Increased Workplace Flexibility

Sobeys workers need more flexibility around scheduling & vacations so they can achieve work-life balance

Improving Store Culture

Members have strong ideas for building a better workplace. We’re looking to build more worker power on the shop floor

Gender-neutral language

Contract language should make everyone feel included. We are seeking gender-neutral language in your contract

Meet the Team

Winning respect, fairness, and good working conditions at Sobeys will be a team effort. Here are some of the folks leading the charge by amplifying their coworker’s voices at the bargaining table.

Angela Crosato and her wife split their time between New Westminster and Seattle. She enjoys writing, editing, reading, travel and politics. A Shop Steward for over 20 years, she is a reflective listener with excellent interpersonal skills. Angela has volunteered for the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and the Women in Film & TV Festival 

Armin Reyes is a 40-year senior Sobeys employee who has worked at a number of stores. Through that experience he has met a lot of great people. Most employees know him from his involvement with the Safeway Employees Association and the Safeway Slo-pitch League. 

Peter Dimond is a General Clerk at Sobeys 4928 in Prince Rupert

In April, Teresa-Lyne Dziedzic will have been a pharmacy assistant at Safeway for 24 years. Throughout the years she has watched many changes happen within the company, some more beneficial than others. She considers herself to be attentive to the needs of her fellow employees while being aware of the needs of the company.

Matt Rose has been in the baking industry for almost 41 years. He has been with Safeway for over 36 years, 31 years as a bakery manager. His experience gives him insight into management thinking and workers’ needs. This will be his second set of contract negotiations.

Shiela Scarr is a cashier at Sobeys 4912 in Langley.

Since becoming a member in 1986, Robert Milan has defended his co-workers and their rights. In 2005, he became a Shop Steward and was appointed to the UFCW 1518 Executive Board in 2015. He has represented and fought for union members at contract negotiations, financial reviews, and policy reformations. 

Marlene White has been a Shop Steward at her location for over 4 years. She’s a huge advocate for workers and ensuring their rights are upheld. She promises to work hard at the Bargaining Table to bring the results that she and her coworkers so desperately need.

Peter Dombrowski is a clerk at Sobeys 4920 in