Save-On-Foods Bargaining

Reopener 2020

Negotiating your collective agreement is a key way that the union gains important advancements for our members. Learn everything you need to know about this year's bargaining round with Save-On-Foods on this site!


We followed an extensive consultation process in preparation for this bargaining round, which included an online bargaining survey and member focus groups that were facilitated by President Kim Novak & Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Johnson. Based on your feedback, below are the proposals we have discussed with the employer so far. Since negotiating a collective agreement is a fluid process, some items may be added to this framework and some others re-prioritized.

NEW Bargaining Proposals

6.03 Bargaining Unit Supervisors and Department Managers

Provide overtime pay for overtime hours worked for salaried key personnel.

Provide overtime on statutory holidays for salaried key personnel.

Increase start rate for Department Managers to be equivalent to Supervisors.

Require the employer to place priority on selecting internal applicants for all Key Personnel positions.

6.05 Step Down/Demotion Process
Provide additional opportunities for Key Personnel to step down in store if the store has an annual turnover above 60%.
6.08 Management Structure - Relief Rates and Premiums

Increase premium for Management Trainees

Extend Management Trainees premium to all employees designated by the employer to oversee a department.

Extend night work premium to include Key Personnel.

6.09 Team Lead including E-commerce, Wine, Coffee
Provide Team Leads the department managers weekly salary and off scale increases.
9.14 Sunday Restriction and Sunday Work
Allow all members the ability to have a Sunday restriction, add a $2.00 premium for all hours worked on a Sunday.
9.21 Shift Differential (Night Premium)
Add $2.00 evening work premium for all shifts ending at 8:00pm or later.
9.25 Night Work
Extend lead hand premium to members hired after ratification March 23, 2013.
9.41 Paid Discretionary Days
Create a paid personal day for all fulltime Non Grid A employees.
  • Example 3 years consecutive service = 2 days
Section 10 NEW – Pandemic Pay
Provide all employees $4.00 per hour pandemic pay backdated to the start of COVID.
Section 10 NEW – State of Emergency
Provide all employees working in a community impacted by a state of emergency $4.00 per hour premium (examples Fires or Floods).
10.02 2018-2022 Wage Scale

Eliminate the requirement for minimum wage to change to trigger movement in the wage scale.

Increase top rate of 2020-2022 wage scale.

Improve start rate.

Maintain a minimum wage spread throughout the wage scale.

Eliminate all wage caps.

10.04 D Increase off scale wage increases for all active Grid A employees at the top rate of pay.
Increase off scale wage increases for all active Grid A employees at the top rate of pay.
10.05 Pharmacy Assistants
Increase pay scale for Pharmacy Assistants allowing them to progress up the Grid A wage scale.
11.02 Vacation Entitlement (Grid A)
Eliminate 1450 hours test for all Grid A/ 4000+ employees.
11.03 Vacation Scheduling (B)
Expand from one (1) week single day to two (2) weeks of single day vacation for all FT employees.
Section 12.09 Pregnancy Leave
Amend to reflect employment standards and create a 100% paid top up for 17 weeks.
Section 12.10 Parental Leave
Amend to reflect employment standards and create a 80% paid top up for the remainder of parental leave.
Section 12.14 Domestic Violence Leave
Change paid component to 10 days.
13.01 Employee Benefit Plan

Improve Eyeglasses coverage to $300.00 per person every two years and $300.00 annually for dependents

Increase paramedical coverage to fifty dollars ($50.00) per visit. (RMT, Naturopath, Osteopathic and Chiropractic)

Add birth control pill to prescription drug plan.

14.02 Sick Leave Benefits
Improve access to sick leave benefits for all workers, including PT employees.
Letter of Understanding #4
Transition 4000+ Grid B onto the new wage scale .
Letter of Understanding #5 Joint Union/Management Quarterly Reviews

Return all Quarterly Review stores to full wages and benefits.

Any future Quarterly Review stores will have contract modifications for a maximum 2 years.

Letter of Understanding #19 Regulated Pharmacy Technicians
Create a Part-Time wage scale for Regulated Pharmacy Technicians.
Letter of Understanding #20 Conversion Store Transition Matters

Provide conversion employees the ability to maintain red circled benefits if they are the successful applicant to a job posting or transfer.

Transition conversion members to the new wage scale.

Maintain red circled benefits for Coopers conversion members.

NEW Letter of Understanding #24/#25 Ecommerce Drivers/Instore Security Guards
Negotiate that these members will be voluntarily recognized by the employer to become members of UFCW 1518.
8.01 Seniority
Develop a method for members to retain their rate of pay, benefits and vacation entitlement if they quit and rehire within the Save-On-Foods banner.
8.01 Seniority
Develop a method for members to retain their rate of pay, benefits and vacation entitlement if they quit and rehire within the Save-On-Foods banner.
8.08 Staffing New Stores or Replacement Stores
Provide additional opportunities for members to move to new stores or replacement stores.
8.10 Job Vacancy Postings
Create more opportunities where a Job Vacancy posting is triggered.
8.11 Transfer Opportunities
Create more opportunities for members to transfer stores
Create opportunities for members to have a work-life balance when they have unrestricted availability.
9.07 Statutory Holiday
Provide flexibility to float a Statutory Holiday to another day in the year
9.12 Student Seniority
Develop language to allow students time off to study for exams and a high school student availability
9.23 Shift Interval
Require 12 hours between shifts unless mutually agreed.
9.37 Accumulated Paid Time Off (ATO)
Include paid sick time in the ATO accumulation
Section 12 Leave of Absence
Amend to reflect new employment standards leaves:
  • Family Responsibility Leave
  • Compassionate Care Leave
  • Leave respecting the disappearance of a child
  • Leave respecting the death of a child.


Members completed our Bargaining Survey


Members participated in Bargaining Focus Groups


Members sit on your Bargaining Committee


UFCW 1518 Negotiators will be at the bargaining table


Your bargaining committee is made up of Save-On-Foods members from across the province and UFCW 1518 staff negotiators. Meet them below!

Josephine Bustin
SOF 2242 (Downtown, Langley)
Dave Diamond
SOF 980 (Kelowna)
Jaime Emerson
SOF 2208 (Clearbrook, Abbotsford)
Jimbo Grant
SOF 935 (East Maple Ridge)
David Gutierrez
SOF 910 (Newton)
Christine Holowka
SOF 967 (Prince George)
Erica Jones
SOF 995 (Pitt Meadows)
Eric Munro
SOF 956 (West Kelowna)
Brianna Rota
SOF 2233 (Kimberley)
Niska Vollert
SOF 2246 (Kerrisdale, Vancouver)


Get up-to-date with bargaining developments by reading the updates in this section:

"We want to work with the employer to negotiate a strong agreement that works for our 11,400+ members across the province. Our members want to feel valued and motivated by the work they do. That's good for people and good for the company."

- President Kim Novak, UFCW 1518


We thank the thousands of members who submitted their bargaining proposals in the last few months. Your input is essential to a successful round of negotiations. While we are no longer accepting proposals, we encourage you to connect with your shop steward or union representative for questions about the ongoing bargaining process. Be sure to also share this site with your co-workers so they can all keep up-to-date with bargaining developments.


Additional bargaining questions? Comments? Send us a message. PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting bargaining proposals.