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Two UFCW scholarships pave the way to medical school
Mark McDonagh is a longtime union member, having worked for 33 years at the Save-On-Foods in Brooks Landing. He’s also the proud father of Erin McDonagh, recent winner of two UFCW education scholarships: the prestigious UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship and the UFCW 1518/Save-On-Foods Joint Diversity Scholarship. Mark learned about the scholarships the old fashioned way – through posters on the union board at work – and encouraged Erin to ...read more 
Safeway Bargaining Update
Waiting is the name of the game in the ongoing Section 106 proceedings with Sobeys, owner of 60 Safeway stores across British Columbia. The union submitted its latest set of proposals to Special Officer Vince Ready two weeks ago, after which the employer had an opportunity to respond. Mr. Ready must then review all of the submissions and sometime following that he will render his decision. “I know how ...read more 
Union wins big for Safeway members; Sobeys forced to pay $90K
UFCW 1518 members working at Safeway have had a tough year. In January, parent company Sobeys announced 10 store closures. The following month, Sobeys tabled a concessions-only set of proposals at the start of negotiations for the reopener of the collective agreement, which is five years into a 10-year deal. But thanks to the hard work of union representatives, Sobeys had to pay out more than $90,000 in fines ...read more 
Sobeys/Safeway bargaining: Union submits proposals in 106 proceedings
UFCW 1518 has filed its proposals with Special Officer Vince Ready as the Section 106 proceedings continue. President Limpright appealed to the provincial government to intervene after negotiations between the union and Sobeys, parent company of Safeway, stalled last March. Minister of Labour Harry Bains invoked a little used section of the BC Labour Relations Code to appoint a Special Officer to assist in resolving the dispute. Under Section ...read more 
Vote YES to ProRep for better democracy!
Voters in BC have another very important decision to make on whether to reform our electoral system or whether to keep the old, broken system that we have. Ballots for the referendum have been mailed to homes across BC and are due to be returned, in the postage-paid envelope provided, by November 24. “It’s not often that we can help bring about real, positive change in our daily lives,” ...read more