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Understanding The New WorkSafe Regulations for Retail and Health Care Workers
Phase 2 of the fight against COVID-19 began on Tuesday, May 19 with some businesses and health care services being allowed to reopen to the public. Whether you are back at work, waiting to go back, or if you have been at a worksite that has remained open, WorkSafeBC has created new regulations and guidelines that retailers and health care professionals must follow going forward. To help you understand ...read more 
Community Health Home Support and Social Services Workers to Receive Pay Boost
After weeks of campaigning for higher pay for home support workers, joint letters to government with the BC Government and Service Employees Union, and nearly 6,000 signatures of support for the work these health care workers do, we are pleased to share that the provincial government has announced a pay boost for Community Health Home Support and Community Social Services workers. Finance Minister Carole James announced today that these ...read more 
Win for Workers: WorkSafe BC to Include Presumptive Coverage for Workers who Test Positive for COVID-19
WorkSafe BC has agreed to add presumptive coverage for some workers, meaning they will be able to get worker’s compensation if they tested positive for COVID-19 without having to prove their condition was caused by their work. Before this change, workers who tested positive for COVID-19 needed to prove that they were infected at work to receive WorkSafe compensation. While WorkSafe has not yet decided which industries will be ...read more 
COVID-19: BC Government unveils reopening plan
Today, Premier John Horgan unveiled “BC’s Restart Plan,” a pathway detailing how some guidelines will be gradually relaxed to allow for a “new normal” amidst COVID-19 in the province. The next phase of British Columbia’s pandemic response will allow residents to host a small group of friends for dinner, access some in-person services and have a variety of businesses to begin reopening as early as mid-May. As of next ...read more 
Guide: How to resolve problems in the workplace
Having good communication in the workplace is one of the best ways to solve problems, prevent future issues, and to be healthy and happy at work. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to bring a problem to your manager’s attention, and it can be very difficult to manage work relationships when there is conflict. Your union is here to help you when you need an advocate in the workplace. The ...read more